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fiN 30 days ago
but what did Nitta do in the future related to the rocksion tho?
livesofflight 2 months ago
Gotta love how hitomi's rise to power was simply because she can't say no to work opportunities.
codetaku 2 months ago
This entire gag is so perfect. It feels like they might be heading for a "last arc" with this kind of development, and if so, I'll miss this manga a lot, but jeeeeeez. So glad I picked this series up. So glad I binge-read the entire thing this weekend.

And I agree with seekermoc: If Nitta is actually part of that future video, it must be as the prime minister. If not, he really is "safe".
Terithian 3 months ago
Oh god. Everything is just one big time paradox.
NullApostle 3 months ago
This origin story is so fucking stupid. It's perfect for this series. ?

All praise our dark goddess Hitomi.
moel 3 months ago
never thought i will find another character that more annoying than hina
kwendy 3 months ago
Wow, that's one half-baked origin story.
Nitta is safe though :D
agshield 3 months ago
Somehow, all of us already knew that Hitomi would be the president. ?

Still waiting to know Nitta's involvement.
Saybah 3 months ago
Goddamn Hitomi.
samanosuke 3 months ago
I always knew that Hitomi was evil...
Xcheldrux 3 months ago
@ 9732 I thought I was the only one who finds that "Norway" shit annoying.

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ranryuusora 3 months ago

Rock was made to defy the world!!!

seekermoc 3 months ago
So... does that make Nitta the Prime Minister?
RexNemorensis 3 months ago
But without Rock-sion... they never... e x i s t e d...
Starbuck 3 months ago
LOL their facial expressions and behaviours
one of the best chapters in a glorious serie
9732 3 months ago
God I hate this norway shit. The /a/ translation was better (pages, TL). Hopefully someone will typeset and upload it.
Therealoddone 3 months ago
nichtmalda 3 months ago
I'd vote for Hitomi!
ciurrb 3 months ago
I'm surprised that Nitta doesn't have the worst role at the end :D
Liar 3 months ago
This is just a step for Hitomi to rule the world.
Kalashtar 3 months ago
It feels like we've skipped a few chapters here. :o
belkrax 3 months ago
Mao is a clone of herself? What the fuck.
Australis 3 months ago
So all of them are time travellers?
Ceiye 3 months ago
Plot? In THIS gag manga? It's more likely than you think