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Usarin 1 month ago
Hitomi's life: Once a CEO, always a CEO xD
rrolo1 1 month ago
Nothing can stop Hitomi rise to power ... not even Hitomi herself, apparently ;)
JaxunHero 2 months ago
Xcheldrux 2 months ago
Holy shit, Hitomi is the final boss!
codetaku 2 months ago
This manga is so perfect. Hitomi sabotages her own job and goes on vacation only to accidentally become CEO of one of the largest companies in the world for people that already know her secret?? No way she's getting out of this.
DandyMadao 2 months ago

the newest chapter in the nutshell
Misa 2 months ago
Yeah Hitomi is the best but still, poor her xD
Equilibrium 2 months ago
Hitomi with the bantz!
Memi 2 months ago
Her military language makes others show her respect and she doesn't even understand it's happening. I don't think she can avoid it when she doesn't even understand how she has been trained to dominate the world without her knowledge.
CucarachaEnojada 2 months ago
You can't run away forever.
The world is round,so eventually you will end in the same place.
Kisato 2 months ago
Hitomi is the best. I wonder when she’ll look at a Japanese-English dictionary.
Rawhide 2 months ago
clearly this is a closed, self-stable time loop

hitomi and rocksion are tied by the string of fate
rc1138 2 months ago
Hitomi, just give up because it's the choice of Steins;gate
artichoke 2 months ago
Uh oh...

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Memnon 2 months ago
Bad habits die hard.
kaeldy 2 months ago
at first it was just japan.... and now THE WORLD!!!!
RexNemorensis 2 months ago
derpdederp 2 months ago
Dat Gendo pose ?
kwendy 2 months ago
You can't run unless you run some big money, Hitomi.
_Vincent_ 2 months ago
I doubt that. As the CEO of the third largest US company that deals with Telecommunications.
She'll end up dealing with a lot of international deals. Including Rocksion ?
Ceiye 2 months ago
Uh... well at least she's far away from Rocksion and Superhuman Fitness now?
Ironclad 2 months ago
Who wants to bet they're developing Skynet?
herianforce 2 months ago
Hitomi is superhuman
danield21 2 months ago
The girl who can't say "No", will she be able to say "No" to the future?
NullApostle 2 months ago

The world is doomed. DOOMED. Hitomi cannot NOT excel at everything.
Let's give the future President of Earth a happy welcome.

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belkrax 2 months ago
You cant fight fate, Hitomi. Now take on your role as our almighty overlord.
akibarus 2 months ago
hitomi just wants a quiet life
PlanOfInaction 2 months ago
Lol I forgot about Hitomi-sama's foul-mouthed english.
superdoofus 2 months ago
She knew she had to avoid it, thought she couldn't avoid it so she ran, then she ended up running straight into it anyway. HItomi is the true final boss.
moel 2 months ago
Hitomi-sama please step on your humble slave!
Liar 2 months ago
Hitomi just can't be stopped.

Nitta, you must be the one to stop her by marrying her!

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UltimateAdrian20 2 months ago
When you make a Japanese 16 year old run the third largest company in the US
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 2 months ago
What the fuck just happened?