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Tcof 9 hours ago
@Manganime: You sound like you gonna like "My girl". check that one out.
Manganime 11 days ago
@ kuma
dude, no... Hell no. She doesn't see him that way at all. I don't know how you saw it like that. Just no. Don't sully their relationship like that. This is not Usagi Drop. I would hate to see it go in that direction. Just thinking about it makes me shiver in disgust. They only see each other as father and daughter, nothing more, nothing less. End of story.
mopchan 20 days ago
Nitta's such a good dad, even if he's a super shitty dad.
kuma 23 days ago
is it only me that feel hina slowly fall to nitta?
bastek66 24 days ago
>nitta while thinking about vases

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henry9960 24 days ago
xXPenisXx 27 days ago
Hina is a killer honey trap. She's so cute but you have to remember what a piece of shit she actually is.
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 28 days ago
Vase, not even once.
Mitcha 29 days ago
It actually have a wholesome end for once, is this really Hinamatsuri!?

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Lithe 30 days ago
Is it some kind of irony that when she was working on the vase/looking into it, she thought about her life, a related property of the aesthetic of vases that Nitta mentioned?

The fact that she did not arrive at the correct conclusion means she simply needs to spend more time with the vases, I guess.
SJP 30 days ago
Nitta is a high-level volcel
hijklol100 30 days ago
not even Zimbabwean dollars at the 2008 exchange rate smh
Lookis 30 days ago
Norway!! I can't believe they referenced chilean pesos lol, and for me that much actually feels kinda a lot (if you are a university student like me i guess...?)
LysandersTreason 30 days ago
Nitta does deserve happiness - and there is one girl who does make Nitta very happy. It's Anzu! Maybe in a few years we can all set sail on a Nitta x Anzu ship! Perfect daughters grow up to be perfect wives!
kwendy 30 days ago
Nitta, you monster!
RexNemorensis 30 days ago
I wasn't ready for that ending. Someone bring me the insulin!
Terithian 30 days ago
Yeah, he was Hina's teacher in middle school.
belkrax 30 days ago
rozen 30 days ago
Nitta played her liek a damn pottery!
Fuko 30 days ago
Looks like that cheeky brat couldn't win against the vase.

Yeah, nobody can beat the vase, not the vase.

Can't beat the vase, man.

Usarin 30 days ago
I forgot, who is Matsutani? A teacher?
ranryuusora 1 month ago
edneo 1 month ago
Is no one going to mention how Matsutani got scammed too?
Natureboy 1 month ago
That was fun.
livesofflight 1 month ago
This manga sneaky with the heart.
Ceiye 1 month ago
I'll give her this, she was really dedicated to her scam. Not even Hina could stand all that vase talk... not that that means much. Oh I know, uh, wait, no, he's got a family of assholes too. Maybe... no, he doesn't really have nice friends outside of the yakuza either, and it's just bad manners to gush about hobbies with work friends... Got it, even Anzu can't... wait no, she hates him right now

Wow, Nitta is just surrounded by assholes and not Anzu.
derpdederp 1 month ago
WTF I love Vases now.
rc1138 1 month ago
@Esper, then she won't be Hina anymoreπŸ˜„
CucarachaEnojada 1 month ago
Chilean's pesos....

I dare you try to do a Yens money conversion to Venezuela's Bolivar, translator.
Since a Bolivar worth less than nothing.In fact,by now it doesn't exist.
Dezaki 1 month ago
every ouch, ow or other expression of pain will be translated into "AITTA" (in monotone) to me
JigokuShounen 1 month ago
This is why you don't get involve with fanatic...especially a vase fanatic(lol)
NullApostle 1 month ago
One more addition to the legend of the Heisei Monster - scamming the scammers.
Arcenciel 1 month ago
Hinamatsuri is top tier comedy. Thanks as alwäys.
Esper 1 month ago
If only Hina wasn't such a lazy sack of garbage, she would be adorable like Anzu.
henry9960 1 month ago
Hey guys! Im the person who scanlated this chapter and im also a mod on the r/Hinamatsuri subreddit! We have a discord server! If you'd like to discuss new episodes/chapters or would like to keep up with the manga once the anime ends be sure to join c:

Discord link:
Istvan90623 1 month ago
Vasesexual :DDDDD
UltimateAdrian20 1 month ago
Congratulations Hojou-San, you played yourself
Liar 1 month ago
That was the cutest smile I ever saw Hina have...

Waifuhunter101 1 month ago
This marriage scam is wht people aren't making babies in Japan. Just rude