Hinamatsuri Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Anzu Matsuri
  • Hina Matsuri
  • Hitomi Matsuri
  • Mao Matsuri
  • Nitta Matsuri
  • Sabu Matsuri
  • Whatever Matsuri
  • Хинамацури
  • ヒナまつり
Author: Ohtake Masao
Artist: Ohtake Masao
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 9.42 371
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 143,439
  • 6,225
  • 120
Description: One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Inside the box is a strange young girl named Hina. She has tremendous supernatural powers, and Nitta finds himself reluctantly taking her in. Her powers can come in handy for his yakuza business, but he also runs the risk of her using them on him! Not to mention, if she doesn't use her powers, she will eventually go berserk and destroy everything around her. Nitta and Hina's strange life together is just beginning...

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Arashiyama 1 day ago
How the hell did the mangaka keep coming with these stories?
Ever since the timeskip, all of them were great.
Not every chapter made me lmao-ing, but all of them were fucking interesting.
Koin 3 days ago
I havent laugh reading a new manga in a while, god this is way worth my afternoon.
Bootybug 4 days ago
Thanks for the update!
Nivek 24 days ago
Got update with the manga, the anime was so funny but the manga is another level, so funny and unique, all four girls are a love, Nitta is our Vase Obssesed Business Manager ended being a yazuka, this manga rocks and the late chapter plottwist, hope we still have a long manga ahead
NullApostle 29 days ago
I kind of want another timeskip. I want to see the kids at college age.
ichi24 1 month ago
Do not underestimate one man's obsession with things

@Variant probably nitta being careful since what happen with anzu
MockingBirdClone 1 month ago
Huh, guys, I think Niita likes vases. I could be wrong though.
kwendy 1 month ago
Nitta chapter!
Also, anime adaptation is reaching finale.
Wait... I never noticed alternative titles of Hinamatsuri on this page before.

Last edited 1 month ago.

Variant 1 month ago
That chapter ending was wholesome af.
CucarachaEnojada 1 month ago
Oh my....that ch.78....
All my body hurts from the laughing.
TetraSky 1 month ago
So.. In Nitta's place, would you have went for the scammer instead of coming up with vase excuses?
IlsaTilsaKilsaMilsa 1 month ago
Rather than protagonist Hitomi is the antagonist.
ixlone 1 month ago
Anzu is such a good girl.
tathra 2 months ago
suddenly you realize that hitomi is the real protagonist in this, the story of her rise and conquering of the world. calling it "hina matsuri" is an effective diversion.
Bootybug 2 months ago
So good!
kwendy 2 months ago
This is a story of superhuman. Oh, and some freeloader, poor girl and martial art'ish screwed in the head girl.
Yume 2 months ago
She will become the next USA president and conquer the world.
Swadloon 2 months ago
ichi24 2 months ago
lol every plan she did backfire spectacularly
bastek66 2 months ago
Tim Cook shows up in newest chapter
NullApostle 3 months ago
Praise Hitomi, our Dark Lady of Perfection.

IronicWeeaboo 3 months ago
Even if Atsushi may bring about a war with Rock-sion, Sabu is still the main villain. Nobody takes another man's daughteru from him.
kwendy 3 months ago
Hitomi for world dictator! Vote for Hitomi!
Also, she fits so organically in a group of superhuman espers.

Last edited 3 months ago.

CucarachaEnojada 3 months ago
@Memi :

A year? She will do it in a week.
MockingBirdClone 3 months ago
That Norway joke will never get old to me. Hope they do it in the anime too.
Shineee_ 3 months ago
That was some plot the author dumped on us lol.

From what I understand, Hitomi is only called "President" and the "Prime Minister" is a different person, which I assume is Nitta.

Last edited 3 months ago.

Memi 3 months ago
Wait, so how is Nitta involved in this? Also, not "Prime Minister" but "President"? Hitomi already cleaned house and reform the government in the same year she is given office? P.S. I just remembered that Hitomi has a fake id; so instead of in 15 years, everything could be happening in the next chapter.

Last edited 3 months ago.

Swifft 3 months ago
Fucking Rocksion.

Still rooting for Nitta x Hitomi.
ranryuusora 3 months ago
Mao's mother is herself. Like in the movie Predestination.
CucarachaEnojada 3 months ago
Everyone already knew that Hitomi will ended up as the supreme ruler of the world,¿But inmortality?
akibarus 3 months ago
poor bastard just wants to jam out, rip
Brightamethyst 3 months ago
Just when you think it can't get any more insane...
Athos 3 months ago
Holy shit, Hitomi! Does your competence know no bounds?!
belkrax 3 months ago
Hitomi confirmed for final boss.
Ironclad 3 months ago
But who was Mao's mother then?
Ceiye 3 months ago
WOW they just dumped a load of heavy shit on us. Like, if this were a more serious manga, those flashbacks and exposition dumps would have taken at least 10 chapters

Hey, new readers from the anime! There's apparently a deeper plot! Yeah I know, the rest of us are surprised too!

Last edited 3 months ago.

hungryvidd 3 months ago
i can't hold my laugh, pls send help
xXPenisXx 3 months ago
I'm still waiting for the "Hitomi married Nitta and used his underworld connections to change Japan, Sanctuary-style" twist that makes everyone look at him like human garbage.
ichi24 3 months ago
i come here as fast as the first anime episode came

damn Nitta never change
ToyotaSuperCar 4 months ago
Who if anyone is scanlating this ?
Senshougahara 4 months ago
Glad to found this again, pure gold.
RexNemorensis 4 months ago
Excellent chapter, my man.
Anzumatsuri is truly a god-tier manga.
rc1138 4 months ago
Thank god Moses never met Hina, he’d lose confidence
derpdederp 4 months ago
RIP Push Cart you were a true friend.
dreminh 4 months ago
those girl dont need weed
belkrax 4 months ago
Nothing like a good ol beach chapter.
Xical 4 months ago
What is in The cover of vol.14?
The fantastic four?
The good old list of alternate names is here too, good work ladies and gentlemen, good work.

Last edited 4 months ago.

Thomaster 4 months ago
A productive member of society we should all aspire to become.
CucarachaEnojada 4 months ago
Wow,The Hina it's actually being useful.
Doomroar 4 months ago
This chapter had a Gintama feel to it.

Last edited 4 months ago.

77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 4 months ago
Hina doing assassinations for money soon.
Australis 4 months ago
illusion! illusion!
Liar 4 months ago
This... is still an improvement for Hina. Good for her.
belkrax 4 months ago
Hina smile is so precious.
bastek66 4 months ago
@E-kun Here

Last edited 4 months ago.

Yotsuba 5 months ago
That's harsh, but i totally undertand Nitta.
E-kun 5 months ago
This is getting an anime. Sexualize the Hina.
xXPenisXx 5 months ago
Hitomi with DADDY ISSUES
Memi 5 months ago
There goes that ship!! Hitomi does need a life outside of work but I can't see her ever having time for a life.
ampnaman 5 months ago
Who cares about Hina?! HAHAHA!
Doomroar 5 months ago
Nitta knows what's up, and none of you can blame him, for Anzu is best daughter.
kwendy 5 months ago
Even when he sucked, Nitta did good.
Also, he should stop advising Hitomy or she will be japanese prime minister before finishing highschool... Unless that is the goal.
rc1138 5 months ago
Nitta’s papa level is too high. He has adopted Hina, Hitomi wants him to be her father and he desperately wants to be Anzu’s dad
Mitcha 5 months ago
Nitta is too obssessed with Anzu...
Ceiye 5 months ago
Nitta... We all understand how you feel, we all want a kid like Anzu, but that doesn't mean you should just straight up say that
belkrax 5 months ago
There isnt a single chapter that doesnt give me good reaction images.
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 5 months ago
>who cares about her
Oh Nitta.
teriguu 6 months ago
Awesome to see that Stan Miller have taken over this!
Therealoddone 6 months ago
' I just don't want to eat that romen anymore.' romen?
Voyajer 6 months ago
There's 72 and 73.
derpdederp 6 months ago
I don't have anything past chapter 71 so hopefully someone else can add those