Author Orient
Avatar lordsigurd 3 mo ago
Well, then. The premise is pretty standard shounen fare but hot damn Ohtaka knows how to produce some real fantastic art.

Also, uhh, did anyone else get a particularly Shaman King vibe from some of the frames?
Avatar Mathias 3 mo ago
Well there is something Shaman King-like in it. This has some nice potential here.
Avatar depzdai 3 mo ago
But that's not even a fucking sword.
Avatar shanchin 3 mo ago
Just a note to everyone reading the first chapter:
You might want to check out sense-scans/jaiminisbox scanlation of this, they give out explanations to the translations which I think are quite interesting.
Avatar CloudTsuchiya 3 mo ago
No, thanks. *skip this*
Avatar Maxcos 3 mo ago
I fail to see what's appealing in this :(
Avatar VawX 3 mo ago
Oh... the creator of Magi mmm...
Avatar E-kun 3 mo ago
So a crazy take on 2 of japan's most famous samurai.

I'll read it for the hell of it.
Avatar TrollKing 2 mo ago
That was actually pretty interesting. Hope it contunues
Avatar Orange_Orange 2 mo ago
Really promising manga reminiscent of Bayonetta, Asura's Wrath and DMC. Heavily recommended if you enjoy epic battles.
Avatar belkrax 2 mo ago
How come the english translation isnt posted here?
Avatar bastek66 1 mo ago
@belkrax Scanlations will be up soon. JB changed their upload policy
Avatar goronyanpai 1 mo ago
Eccentric. Sengoku in a modern style.
Good battle but I think I'm gonna drop this after 6 chapters.
Avatar agravainskywalker 21 days ago
I dont like how they treated him like he's weak when Mushashi completely strong and almost overpowered the Kishin with just his power . The only thing that fail him is his tool durability , if his tool were good enough at very least he could've dealt the final blow .

Takeda only get to deal the final blow to the core , also from the chapter we can see that Takeda have absorbed Kishin power in the past , which is one of the reason why they are strong enough . But that also point out how strong our MC is because he can beat the Kishin solo even without absorbing Kishin power before. Even after that , they said our MC is weak. stfu

I'm salty for how they treated him. At very least , our MC aware of his strength and accomplishment and how this people is just taking over of all his glory .
I swear just from this 6 chapter , I already think that Musashi is stronger than Takeda
Avatar LilKO 7 days ago
This manga is so much like Magi
The MC and his best friend
Even that jerk guy
Its a carbon copy of magi
And since i loved magi, imma read the hell out of this
Avatar vjdeansa 3 days ago
one thing that i love from Shinobu Ohtaka-sensei's work is his style to draw always amaze me. this series even have better weapons than MAGI!!!!!