Author It's My Life
Avatar Kuroiikawa 3 mo ago
Ky-san and Lizzie are a great pair tbh.
Avatar Euphaire 3 mo ago
Whooah, Noah looks cute with plague doctor mask :3 it got a matching look with Astra, I wouldn't mind if she keep that on for a couple chapter more
Avatar Kiriha 3 mo ago
I just found this and read it in one sitting before i realized. Damn, this is probably going to be another case of Helck isn't it? Baiting with fluff at the start then start dropping the bomb later on.
Avatar Operatix 3 mo ago
This the best laughs I had in a long time heh.
Avatar Siquall 3 mo ago
This cover is so beautiful.
Avatar TetraSky 3 mo ago
Cue Ky rejecting her because he's gay for Astra.
Avatar Colard 2 mo ago

Avatar chiruru 2 mo ago
uh oh
Avatar Jiking 2 mo ago
Wholesome 🤗 Overflows
Avatar Cae 2 mo ago
and it's now or never ♫
I ain't gonna live for-ever ♪
I just wanna live while i'm aliiiive♫
Avatar Kuroiikawa 2 mo ago
The greatest twist of this manga is learning that this has been classified as shoujo.
Avatar conser 2 mo ago
Glad to know I'm not the only one who though of the Bon Jovi song.
Avatar zxcsreenxz 2 mo ago
holy crap this is amazing
Avatar th30wl 2 mo ago
It is intentional, all chapter titles are song titles. The latest chapter:
Avatar Kingbadbad 2 mo ago
Wears a mask, his clothing is green, his name has doom in it and sounds German.

This is the Japanese Dr. Doom

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Avatar mikegnesium 2 mo ago
This is the Japanese Dr. Doom

Yes, yes. I suspect most of us here read tv tropes and such, so no need to be obvious.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who though of the Bon Jovi song.

Song was fine first thousand times i heard it. Then it started to feel like brain cancer. But unlike "i would walk 500 miles" it didn't come around again.

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Avatar Morsealworth 2 mo ago
Elise recently looks more and more like a character designed by Suzuhira Hiro.
Avatar Vergift 1 mo ago
I totally forgot this series after Batoto shut down.
Avatar SomeGuy1 10 days ago
Helck collab??!! MUST READ!
Avatar Kraeth 7 days ago
With chapters named like this I'd be surprised if someone DIDN'T think of the Bon Jovi song.